Did anyone really think this story was going away after A-Rod’s press conference? The scripted attempt to gain forgiveness or understanding failed, despite the Rod hiring a crisis management specialist to craft his story. The 30-plus second pause where A-Rod tried unsuccessfully to muster a few tears confirmed his status as a fraud. Bringing in the parent of a 17-year old boy who committed suicide after using steroids was unforgivable. And whoever thought bringing the mysterious “cousin” into the story was a good idea…not so much. It didn’t take long to figure out who Yuri Sucart is, and that he just might have a few stories to tell.

In addition to Miami, Sucart has lived in Seattle and Texas — the first two major league cities where Rodriguez played. Sucart, 46, was often seen with Rodriguez in Seattle. That continued in Texas. In the spring of 2002, according to Charles Colaw, a personal trainer and bodybuilder who worked at a 24-hour fitness gym in Dallas, Sucart approached him for help with his balky back.

“He would talk about Alex all the time,” Colaw said. “It seemed like he lived his life vicariously through [Rodriguez].

There is definitely more to come on this. And none of it will be good for A-Rod or the Yankees.