These pics all fall into the “what were they thinking” category. We’ve highlighted some sweet looks on athletes from “the olden days” but nothing compares to what singers and musicians did to their hair in the seventies. Enjoy…
I never really knew which was “Peaches” and which was “Herb” but they certainly make a stylish couple. The dude rocks a conservative Afro complemented nicely with sideburns and a ‘stache. The chick displays the beaded rows that never go out of style. In the Caribbean.

Tony Orlando. The man had it all: hit records, a successful TV show, a babe on each arm, and those long flowing locks. We know where Eck gets his fashion ideas.

Sly Stone…if he let the beard grow he’d have the full “lion’s mane” look going. The Afro itself is impressive.

OK, the hat isn’t really a hairstyle, but man if wearing a Captain’s hat ever became cool, this guy was going places.

All hail the super-‘fro. This is the look Dr. J was going for but fell short.

Before his daughter became the second-most-famous skank, Lionel pumped out hits after hit with the Commodores and later on his own. Shown here, he displays the Afro-mullet, a look that has never been duplicated.

Helen Reddy, clearly having gender issues.

Words cannot describe…

Dionne Warwick refusing to acknowledge that she had black-lady hair.

Carlos Santana robbed Chuck’s look twenty years later and made it cool.

These guys look like a band made up of child molesters and porn-star wannabees.

The full array of Afro styles: big, small and straightened. With the guy on the left thrown in for no reason other than “The Fourth Dimension” wasn’t a cool name for a band.

Helen Reddy again, introducing the world to the dyke cut.

Don’t you wish you lived through this like I did?