Pedroia was in town last night to receive the hardware that goes along with being named MVP. Why Red and I didn’t get picked up in a limo full of hookers and escorted in to the Boston Baseball Writers dinner is still a mystery. But I digress. Napoleon Shaughnessy reports that Dustin is still the guy he was before he became a Red Sox icon.

Dustin Pedroia is still a workout warrior at the Athletes’ Performance Institute in Arizona. He still lives in the same pad when he’s in Boston. He still has that little chip on his shoulder. And he hasn’t gotten any taller. Heidi Watney still towers over him when he’s interviewed by NESN.

Dustin goes on to say that he isn’t out to get those who thought his size and awkward swing would be his downfall in the majors but: “I’ll remember, obviously, who doubted me.” I guess a multi-million dollar contract makes a forgiving man out of some. The line of the night cam when he was asked about the glamour associated with Tom Brady’s success: supermodels, private jets and meeting the pope.

“I don’t need that,” said Pedroia. “I’m all right with the pope.”