To those of you who chose not to go ahead with that Bob Zupcic tattoo across your testicles, Red Sox Nation thanks you for officially screwing our team brand loyalty mojo:

The [Green Bay Packers] franchise was named the strongest team brand in its local market compared with professional sports teams across the country in the 2008 Turnkey Team Brand Index, a consumer survey of thousands of diehard sports fans.

“What this is saying is the following the Packers have is more intensely loyal to supporting the Packers than any other team,” said Len Perna, president and chief executive of New Jersey-based Turnkey Sports & Entertainment. “What this basically says is that all other things being equal, a sponsor gets more value in sponsoring the Packers than any other team.”

The Boston Red Sox ranked second followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who topped last year’s list.

Fair enough. But I’ve got a fistful of cash, a bottle of Jamesons, and a Carlos Quintana stencil that I’ll be bringing to my local tattoo shop to help up our placement next year. Who’s with me?