Hanley Ramirez, that is.

The Red Sox made a play to re-acquire Marlins superstar Hanley Ramirez after losing out to the rival Yankees for star free agent Mark Teixeira, league sources tell SI.com. But while the Marlins listened to Boston’s overtures, Florida isn’t anxious to trade its best player, and talks apparently have been aborted after no agreement could be reached.

The Marlins were said to be most interested in a center fielder, and discussions apparently centered on Boston’s promising youngster Jacoby Ellsbury, talented pitching prospect Clay Buchholz and others in a package for Ramirez, who began in Boston’s organization.

Since Boston is said to be happy with Jed Lowrie at shortstop, it’s possible the Red Sox might have considered using Ramirez in center field.

A Bay-Ramirez-Drew outfield? As much as I loves me some Ellsbury, I’d have offered to personally push him down to Florida in a shopping cart to make this deal happen. And it would have been pretty interesting had they pulled it off. But at the very least it’s further evidence that The Brad Penny Initiative wasn’t the only thing Theo’s got up his sleeve. After the high profile drama of L’Affaire de Teixeira, it’s nice to see some wheeling and dealing at the lower frequencies–even when it doesn’t work out.

Via ProJo.