When I first saw the photo above, from yesterday’s Herald, my first thought was, “What the hell is Youk doing in the latest Guy Ritchie film?”

And as I read on through Sean McAdams’ piece, in which Youk said he’d gladly step back to third to accommodate a Teixeira signing, I realized that Youk really is a character from one of those slapdash crime flicks. The character whose wife just left him and is raising couple kids on his own and swears he’s going straight after this one last score. He’s just an everyday guy, living the dream:

“If we add a guy like Mark Teixeira to the team, that would be great,” said Youkilis. “You never know – I might be the guy traded (to make room). But I don’t mind it; I get to play baseball for a living.”

Sadly, Youk’s type of character is also the guy who invariably gets taken down by the cops or other gangsters while waiting in line at Arby’s. But I can’t see that happening in this case. Plus, Youk strikes me as more of a BK kind of guy.