Hideki Okajima took that worn out baseball cliche literally and ran the Honolulu Marathon. A good effort, but he should stick to pitching:

Okajima finished nearly four hours behind men’s winner Patrick Ivuti (2:14:35) of Kenya and women’s victor Kiyoko Shimahara (2:32:36) of Japan, and 1:15 behind Betty Jean McHugh, an 81-year-old from North Vancouver, British Columbia.

OK, I ran the Boston Marathon several years ago, and I had to work to beat a guy that ran the entire race backwards, a guy that ran with a 20-foot replica of some Italian cathedral on his back, and a couple in their 70’s that ran the race holding hands. But to finish an hour behind an 81-year-old? I think Oki’s training might have had something to do with it:

Okajima’s training regimen was a bit unusual for such a grueling event. He said he didn’t train during the baseball season and then ran about one hour once a week after it ended.

In baseball news, Dustin Pedroia will represent the US in the WBC and Dice-K will play for Japan. That’s all for now until I find some more fat Elvis pics.