This isn’t exactly breaking news, but since we hate the Yankees around here, it’s worth a post. A-Rod was spotted at a Madonna concert recently, either as a fan, or as the Material Girl’s water boy.

According to E! News, the 50-year-old singer stared into the New York Yankee baseball star’s eyes as she sang the Evita hit “You Must Love Me.” At one point, A-Rod handed her a bottle of water as she performed.

A fan said: “It was easy for him to hand it off because he was sitting in the front row. He was all excited watching her perform.”

Obviously trying to dispell any rumors that he’s gay, A-Rod showed up wearing a plaid vest, some kind of scarf, and some sassy lipgloss.
But A’s rod isn’t exactly taking the road less traveled. He’s now hanging out in the same neighborhood one frequented by Lenny Kravitz, Jose Canseco, Warren Beatty, Dennis Rodman,
Sean Penn, Tupac Shakur and Vanilla Ice. So he’s got that going for him.