One of the coolest Christmas gifts I received this year–besides the Wii, Guitar Hero World Tour and pair of Heidi Watney’s pants filched borrowed through some connections my cousin has with her laundry service–was the DVD set of every episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. You seriously can’t go wrong with this stuff, and the best thing about absorbing it all in one or two sittings is being reminded of the more obscure sketches that are every bit as funny as the world-renown bits like the dead parrot and the lumberjack song. Here’s just one example:

The way Eric Idle walks through the window into John Cleese’s office is easily the best “entrance” since Idle and Graham Chapman were lowered on cables into the Spam sketch.

Anyway, this is likely the last Surviving Grady post of 2008, unless Denton comes out of his gin- and strippers-induced stupor to throw up anything besides his last cheeseburger. Or the Sox make a pre-holiday move for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Or Manny finds a job. So I wanted to take a moment to once again give a laurel and hearty thank you to our readers across the world, our glorious and impossibly sexy commenters, the 2008 Boston Red Sox and, as always, the holy trinity of Watney, Remy and Orsillo.

Denton and I have some pretty cool stuff planned for 2009 (even cooler than this, if you can imagine.) We hope you’ll join us. You can also get your daily dose of SG on our Facebook page.

And remember, if you must drink to excess this New Year’s Eve, be safe. Let the hooker drive.