As you know, we usually spend our time around here talking about the Red Sox, bashing the Yankees, or just shooting the baseball shit in general. Occaisionally…OK…frequently, we mix in a Star Wars post, a Kiss tribute, a Jennifer Love-Hewitt picture, or some other random pop-culture distraction. As far as other sports, we usually leave them alone. Especially football, Red’s not too keen on the game played with the oddly-shaped ball, and quite frankly, all the talk of “tight ends” and “wide receivers” in reference to a bunch of big guys running around in tight pants make him a little nervous. But until something more newsworthy than a Josh Bard signing pops up, let’s talk some pigskin.

Bill Belichick has brought three Superbowl championships to New England, along with a shit-storm of controversy, hours of meaningless interviews where he talks a lot while saying nothing, and a very hot girlfriend. This year, perhaps his finest season of coaching, leaves him and the Pats left out of the playoffs despite an 11-5 record. Throughout his tenure, several of Belichick’s disciples have gone on to head coaching careers of their own, most rather unsuccessfully.

Eric Mangini – Fired by the New York Jets today after missing the playoffs at the hands of the Miami Dolphins and former Jet QB Chad Pennington. “Mangenius” was 23-26 in his three seasons with the Jets.

Romeo Crennel – Also fired today, the Browns canned him with three years left on a contract extension he signed in January. Crennel was 24-40 in his four years as Browns’ head coach.

Charlie Weiss – After a 5-2 start in his first year at Notre Dame, Weiss inked a 10-year deal worth somewhere before 30 and 40 million. He finished his first season 9-2, and followed that up with a 10-2 record in 2006. But his last two seasons have been disasters; 3-9 in 2007 and 6-6 this year.

Whatever Belichick’s secret to winning is, he’s not sharing it with his assistant coaches and coordinators. But his girlfriend is pretty hot.