Sometimes you get those e-mails that you just don’t wanna open. You know, the ones with subject lines like “WRITING FROM SIBERIA WITH LOVE AND SEEKING AN HONEST SOUL” or “hot man on man action” or “Red, for the last time, pay your goddam Visa bill.”

This afternoon, I received such an e-mail from my friend Jen. The subject line was simply: “Youk’s underwear on eBay.”

Call it the fascination of the abomination, but I checked it out. Hey, as I see it, there’s gotta be someone on my Christmas list who would appreciate a pair of Youk’s “game worn” spandex briefs. And this is my chance to make that person’s wildest and most inappropriate dreams come true.

Even if you have no interest in making such a purchase, you’ve got to check the listing for the sheer genius that is the letter of authenticity that accompanies Youk’s man sized briefs which, apparently, were purchased directly from the clubhouse attendant. Urgh.

Also available: John Farrell’s briefs! By a company called “Toolshed” no less. Because you can’t make that shit up.

It was around this time last year that Youk’s used jock was up for sale on eBay. And I can’t think of anything more appropriate to get us all in the holiday spirit.

Happy bidding.