Am I the only one who doesn’t mind this new “socks” logo that is allegedly going to be unveiled this Thursday? Hell, as part of MLB’s worldwide “ten caps for every citizen” plan, there are already so many variations in team unis–home gear, away gear, holiday gear, middle-of-summer gear, commemorative events gear, Julian-Tavarez beat-yet-another-subway-groping-rap gear–that one can almost lose track. At least the proposed design isn’t as bad as that time in 1969 when Tom Yawkey, in a misguided attempt to “class up” the league, tried to switch the Sox to an “all pork-pie hats” format. That is, until Yaz set him straight. See, back in those days, Yaz ran the show, simple as that. If you happened to be sitting in the Fenway stands one afternoon and Yaz spotted your wife from the on-deck circle and took a fancy to her, he’d make a phone call to the clubhouse attendant and within seconds, the missus would be whisked away to the secret island resort that Yaz used as a bachelor pad back in those magical days.

And what could you do about it? I mean, he was Yaz.

Anyway, uniwatch has the cap photo:

I honestly don’t think the tried-and-true B cap, which I love like it took a bullet for me in the war, is in any danger. The new caps will likely be used for those rare, extra special occasions, like Memorial Day. Or an Alex Cora pinch hit.

In other news, thanks for the various comments and e-mails regarding my “top five comic book movies” post. After thinking it over, I will agree with the majority, and relinquish the spot held by Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer to either Iron Man or X-Men 2. Props also to Superman II (I’ve yet to see the Richard Donner cut which has been released on DVD and is allegedly a bit darker), Ghost World, Road to Perdition and Sin City. I’ll also say I loved Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk, but hated the special effects and Tim Roth’s Abomination character.

Oh, and Dean Martin wanted to tell you something: