Mike Timlin became the final eligible member of the Red Sox to file for free agency. Timlin had a dismal 2008 season, logging an ERA of 5.66 (the worst of his career) at the age of 42. Retirement would seem like a good option, but some people refuse to go out with dignity. During the GM meetings Theo made it clear Timlin wouldn’t be playing drums for the Red Sox Bullpen Band:

Epstein saying on Monday that there was “a mutual understanding that Boston probably wouldn’t be the best fit for him going forward, that there would be other places with greater opportunities.”

The Red Sox were quick to squash the Coco Crisp for Khalil Greene rumor yesterday, dashing the hopes of Red Sox fans who wanted to stockpile shortstops that hit .213 and strike out 100 times.

Scott Boras has been busy pimping out Jason Varitek, suggesting Tek should get a similar deal to Posada’s 4-year $52 million contract. Boras implied that last season’s struggles for the Cap’n were due in part to his personal issues. Everyone else in the free world who will not get a commission on Tek’s contract knows he has been in decline for the past few seasons.

The Gammons reported that Russell Martin may be on the trading block. See above.

The Yankees did not pick up options on Jason Giambi or Carl Pavano. Rumors indicate Wendy’s, Subway and Meineke are all interested in their services.

Nothing new on the Teixeira or Peavy front.

My proposal to trade Tony Massarotti for Erin Andrews has gone unanswered.