NESN has always been something of a cruel mistress. First, they got me all tangled up in Tina C before whisking her away almost as quickly. Then they sent The Great Haze packing, just as I was finally ready to up our relationship to the “Excuse me, sir, but we’re going to have to ask you to put your pants back on and not come anywhere near our studios ever again” stage.

Needless to say, when they presented me with Heidi Watney, I was skeptical. Deciding to play it coy, I acted all nonchalant and shit. Like I could care less. But who the f@#k was I kidding? A mere three months into her tenure, I was checking out apartments at the corner of Obsession and Restraining Order. I had it bad, professor. I just couldn’t let them know about it.

Now, it seems, I can relax, and not worry about hoisting the ten foot inflatable Heidi lawn prop which I may (or may not) have had specially-made in the Orient. Because, as our pal Derjue at Boston Mag informed us a couple days ago, the sensible folks at NESN have signed Ms. Watney to a multi-year contract extension:

“Heidi is a talented reporter whose versatility and work ethic help her deliver the news and stories that consistently connect the fans with the team,” said Joel Feld, NESN’s executive vice president of programming and executive producer. “We are very happy to extend her contract and expect her to take on an even larger role with NESN and”

Great news for me, as it means I won’t have to break into her apartment to remove the expensive spy cam I had installed in her john face a summer without Heidi for at least a couple more years.