Lest you think Big Papi’s awesomeness takes an off-season, there’s this piece in today’s Globe:

David Ortiz’s face lights up when he talks about helping kids with heart problems.

“Every day, I wake up and see those beautiful faces on a list I have, knowing they are cured and good to go,” said Ortiz. “Makes me feel better than five hits and two jacks.

“You get famous and you have whatever you need, but sometimes there’s always something missing. Right now I feel I’m a full package. This makes me feel really good. This has made me a complete man, knowing I’m helping somebody that really needs it. I’m really excited about it.”

Folks who read this site regularly understand that along with the person who invented spandex, Ortiz is one of my heroes. And stuff like this is the reason.

UPDATE: Not that we need any further proof that Ortiz is the avatar of cool, but check this interview with Heidi “Why Don’t You Answer My E-Mails, Girl, You Should Know I Ain’t All That Dangerous” Watney from nesn.com. Not many people can pull off this ensemble and look quite so magnificent. Except possibly Diddy. Or Jim Rice.