The Rays are in Philly for the next three games, and today’s Herald tells us that the welcome wagon was in full effect.

Added reliever J.P. Howell: “We’ve gone to Fenway and stuff, those fans there kind of respected us. I’ve got the sense we’re not going to get the same welcome we got in Fenway, or Yankee Stadium even.”

Howell and Floyd spoke just a few minutes after they walked the short gauntlet from their downtown hotel here to the team bus.

The experience was hors d’oeuvres for tonight’s main course and by all accounts, it was spicy fare.

“A lot of boos and a lot of sign language,” said Howell, affirming it was the international sign language. “Very aggressive, they mean it. Very passionate. It’s a little different.”

What exactly were they trying to say, J.P.?

“A lot of themes they were trying to send over. The main one was that we’re not welcome, and that’s what it is,” Howell said. “I’d expect nothing less from Philadelphia.”

Ageless Jamie Moyer, who has pitched for the Sox as well as every team that ever existed in his 56 year career, is on the hill for the Phillies tonight. Be there, and those of you playing the Surviving Grady drinking game are reminded to shotgun a beer every time the albino astrophysicist appears on your screen.

Go Phillies!