Am I tempting fates by calling for the sweep? Hell no, I’ve been calling for it since the series started. The hard part is over. All that’s left is a well-rested Josh Beckett, at home, against a psychologically and emotionally damaged Angels team. I’m calling on the lumber to get this one done quick and painless. The Rays are trailing 4-1 in the fifth and completing the sweep would give the Sox time to reset the rotation.

Pre-game checklist:

Extra Propane Tank (for post-game grill-fest)
Dave Roberts bobblehead doll
Case of Stroh’s
Extra 12-pack of Lowenbrau (for quality green bottle beer celebration)
Boss’s number on speed-dial for quick hangover sick call
Autographed John Valentin baseball card

Oh! Almost forgot…broom!

See you in an hour.