What must the Angels be thinking? Beckett pushed back, Manny gone, Lowell and Drew held together with duct tape and prayers, and still the Red Sox win game one in their backyard. I’ll tell you what I’m thinking: doing a shot of Root Beer Schnapps every time a Frank TV commercial came on during the game was a very bad idea. But today was an off day for fans as well as players, and I’ll be ready for tomorrow night. Until then, a few thoughts on the Jon Lester Show.

The breaking ball Lester had going – you know the one, broke back over the outside corner of the plate to righties – was filthy. Unhittable.

As Red made earlier mention of, what the f@$k was Craig Sagar thinking? I almost had a seizure every time he came on my TV. Did he get dressed out of the Anchorman leftovers closet?

El Caballito? The Little Pony? I don’t think anyone has ever called Dustin Pedroia that. If they did, they’re wearing their nuts for earrings now.

I miss Remy and DO.

Big night tomorrow. Huge.