Back in 1986, when they represented the entire state of California, not just the people’s republic of Anaheim, the Angels were one strike away from burying us in the ALCS. One measly strike. But Dave Henderson felt otherwise, knocking one out of the park, and setting up a massive momentum swing that saw the Sox outscore Cali 18-5 in the final two games of the series.

I bring this up because we know all too well in these parts that it literally isn’t over until it’s over. Right now, we’ve got the momentum, while the Angels are facing a must-win situation, lest they feel good about shipping up to Boston two games down. But one bad game from Daisuke tonight, or a particularly good game from Santana, and everything changes.

So I ask you, gentle and possibly inebriated reader: how do you feel the rest of the ALDS will play out? Will the Angels finally shake the Red Sox monkey off their back, and succeed where their predecessors–despite their remarkable taste in headbands–failed? Or are the Sox so far in Anaheim’s head that we should start clearing time on our calendars for the ALCS?