Congratulations to the Phillies, World Series Champions. I’m not quite sure how I came to have such distaste for the Rays, but I was quite pleased to see them stopped short of achieving the “full dream.” Okay, yeah, there’s the fact that they beat us in the ALCS, which automatically knocks them off my Christmas list, but I actually found myself disliking a lot of their players with a venom I typically reserve for Yankees. In fact, if I ever see Carlos Pena’s smug mug again, it’ll be too soon. Now all those faux fans can get back to golfing, prostate exams, and awaiting death’s cold embrace. Or Chinese Democracy. Whichever comes first.

Kudos to FOX for showing clips of the final out from the perspective of every Phillies player on the field. Don’t think they used that one last year, but it would have been cool to have seen Youk put down the beer and kielbasa to join the scrum.

Anyway, we now begin that long, slow, cold descent into a baseball-less winter. But we’ll be here for you, people. Let’s all huddle a bit closer–especially you ladies; don’t be scared–and we’ll get through it. Together.