How sweet it was back in May and June when J.D. Drew was playing every day and whacking the ball in and out of the park. So easy to give him a pass for last season because of what he went through with his kid. Then in July, his batting average and power numbers were going down faster than Janie Greenfield after half a bottle of Riunite (on ice…that’s nice!) on a Friday night. In mid-August, Drew disappeared from the Nation. Sightings are now as rare as Bigfoot, or as Red when the dinner check shows up.

The official word is back spasms, but the skeptics point to something more along the lines of a bruised vagina. Me? I question the guy’s heart, as I did last year. When you’ve got Mike Lowell limping around on one good hip and Papi’s wrist popping with every swing, unless Drew is confined to a wheelchair he should be out there trying to win the division.

Speaking of the division, those odds went down a few points yesterday. Did Lester forget to warm up? After getting knocked around in the first couple of frames, he settled down into the Jon Lester we are used to seeing. But against Doc Hallady, it was already too late. The Sox are pretty much going to have to run the table at this point and hope for some help from unlikely sources like Baltimore and Detroit.

As Red posted yesterday, we’ll take it one day at a time. Today we put our faith in Dice-K and hope the Twinkies can lend a hand.