Today, the big, messy epic that was the 2008 regular season draws to a close with two games at Fenway Park against our emasculated arch-rivals, the not-going-to-the-playoffs-despite-a-three-billion-dollar-payroll New York Yankees. If Tito is smart, and we know that he is, the man will stock the shelves with young’uns, also-rans and, if need be, the concessionaires from behind the bleachers. Chandler wants win number 20? What the hell do I care if he gets it? We’ve got something to play for next week, where the Bingster will be at home, polishing his math books. The last thing we need as we help our boys Drew and Lowell hobble into October, is a critical cog in our postseason machine slipping on grass or breaking an ass all in the name of two meaningless games.

My name’s Red. And I approve this message.