What is it about Curt Schilling that makes it impossible for him to keep his mouth shut? While stealing eight million dollars from the Red Sox this summer, he also makes his weekly appearances on commercial-radio WEEI for no other reason than to listen to the sound of his own voice. This week, Curt found time in his busy schedule to actually call the station in addition to his normally-allotted time on the morning show and proceed to verbally blast Manny Ramirez. Chad Finn has it all laid out, but here are some highlights:

Injured Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling threw some high heat at former teammate Manny Ramirez this afternoon on sports radio WEEI’s “The Big Show,” saying the slugger’s “level of disrespect to teammates and people was unfathomable.”

“The guy got to dress in a locker away from the team for seven years,” said Schilling, talking via telephone with Glenn Ordway and former Sox players Lou Merloni and Brian Daubach. “And then [when] he’s on this crusade to get out of here, all of a sudden he’s in the locker room every day, voicing his displeasure without even having to play the game that night.”

Apparently Curt’s political campaigning, ALS Foundation work, computer gaming, dieting to make his weight-clause bonus, and numerous children just don’t keep him busy enough. Instead, he joins the ranks of “Frank from Gloucester” to call in and spew his opinions on the radio.

And what better-informed ex-athletes than Lou Merloni and Brian Daubach to commiserate with? Dauber’s claims to fame are being a scab during the strike, striking out more times than he got a hit during his stellar career, and getting his ass unceremoniously kicked by Roberto Hernandez. Merloni spent the majority of his nine seasons picking splinters out of his ass and gazing lovingly at Nomar. Those facts didn’t stop Merloni from taking his shots, which surprises me only because it means Schilling actually stopped talking for a second.

“When all this stuff was going down with Manny, I remember walking in the clubhouse talking to a couple of guys, and I got one response that just threw me for a loop, and I said, ‘Guys, how bad is it?’ I knew it was bad, and I just said, ‘How bad is it?’ And all I heard, what they told me, was, ‘Carl Everett.’ And I lived that nightmare. . . and when I heard that, I said, ‘OK, I know exactly what’s going on, I can’t believe it got that bad.’ “

It’s funny that the only time Schilling didn’t speak out was at the hearings on steroids in 2005. And what he did say contradicted many of his comments made while not under oath.

From a 2005 NY Daily News story:

Curt Schilling, admitted hyperbolist

“The issue was grossly overstated by people, including myself.” … Called Canseco a “liar.”

Schilling discounted any statements he ever made about the nature of steroids in baseball, making himself sound like an apologist for Major League Baseball, and a “liar” himself.

Personally, I think Schill’s outspoken hostility comes from a scuffle the two had in 2005:

The source said that Ortiz said aloud to Schilling, “Man, that guy’s got some nasty stuff,” to which Schilling reportedly responded, “Yeah, that’s why Manny took the day off.”

Ramirez then supposedly said to Schilling, “Screw you, I can hit anyone in baseball, including your (butt).”

Then, the source said, Ramirez went up to Schilling, and, before the confrontation escalated, Ortiz had to “separate the two.”

Ortiz probably should have let Manny kick Schill’s ass.