I’m not sure if it was the belly full of barbecue ribs and Pabst that stole my sleep last night or the performance the Red Sox turned in. The game should have been a slam dunk. The Red Sox too the field knowing the Rays have already lost.
From Sportsline:

Boston players watching the Rays game in the clubhouse erupted in cheers and chants of “Zaunie Bench, Zaunie Bench” when Zaun homered.

They also knew the Rangers pitching staff is the worst in the majors. The perfect combination of events to really let the Rays hear their footsteps. So what do they do? They redline the suck-o-meter and get humiliated.
Tim Wakefield had the shortest outing in 14 seasons with the Sox, going just an inning and two-thirds and getting pasted for seven runs. The bullpen came in and picked up where he left off with Smith, Timlin and Pauley showing no signs of belonging on a post-season roster. And further proof that the Sox go as Pedroia goes: he was 0-for-3.
Paul Byrd tries to tame the Rangers at 3:05. Fresh batteries for the clickers folks, there’s another game going on then too.