We’ve been referring to Papelbon as the Papel-Bot for some time now, simply because when the guy comes into a game, he’s like a goddam machine built to humiliate and decimate his enemies. Automatic for the people, closing out games and satisfying the ladies like flipping a switch.

Lately, however, Papelbon has been exhibiting curiously un-Papelbonian behavior, no longer a sure thing when he steps to the hill. And while the bulk of us have been fretting over this, the Bot wants to remind us that he ain’t no freakin’ strikeout throwin’ droid:

“Here’s the deal. Here’s what everybody – including Tom and all the reporters – [expletive], I’m a human. You know? I’m not a machine. And, [expletive], a machine breaks down sometimes, too.

“So I mean, there’s that human factor for error. You’re going to be faced with that. I’m going to be faced with that throughout my career and throughout the year.”

“I’m going to be my hardest critic. What you guys write in the paper, and what Dennis Eckersley and Tom Caron want to say, I’m not doing this, I’m not doing that, well, that don’t mean [expletive] to me. I’m going to be a lot harder on myself than anybody ever will. I’m going to critique my outings harder than anybody.”

Honestly, although we like to kid, we know that when October calls, you put your chips on the Bot. Nuff said.

HT to Red Sox Monster.