The last time the Yankees came into our house and administered a 19-8 beating was game three of the 2004 ALCS. The only difference last night was that after the game, I wasn’t shitfaced on Coors, blackeyed and bloody-knuckled and threatening to drown myself in a pool of turkey gravy.

And why should I be? We’re going to the playoffs! Starting next week! In Anaheim! So let the Yankees have their fun in the daily papers, shouting it from the rooftops that they might have shit the bed this season, but at least they kept us from repeating as AL East champs, as they did in today’s Post:

Yanks Rout Gives East to Tampa! Having been eliminated from the AL wild-card race earlier in the week, the Yankees killed the Red Sox’ hopes of repeating as AL East champs last night at a rainy Fenway Park. Led by Cody Ransom and Brett Gardner, the Yanks dropped a 19-8 beating on the defending World Series champions in front of 37,301.

Hells yeah! Strike up the marching band. Of course, our guys will live to play in October, while the Yankees get back to whatever chicanery or terrorism or steroid trafficking they pursue in the offseason.

Of greater concern right now is the health of Lowell and Drew. Without these guys in the line-up, I’m at least a wee bit concerned about our run production capability against Anaheim’s pitching. But the last time a 19-8 loss to the Yanks occured at Fenway Park, things turned out okay afterward. So I guess I’ll just stop worrying.