After the late hours and clubhouse hijinks last night, I was happy to see Heidi looking clean and lucid during the NESN pre-game. Also good to see that her lush mane is showing no lingering effects of the champagne supernova that engulfed it last night.

Now, as for the game itself.

We’ve got Byrdie on the hill against Cleveland. And J.D. Drew back in the line-up. And Chris Carter–who somehow found time to invent The X Files while playing minor league ball–in left for JayBay. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, the Rays are taking on the Kevin Millar Band. And, yeah, a Sox loss and Rays win will give the Rays the division, but a Rays loss and Sox win will teasingly push us one game closer to beliving we might actually be able to do it. Honestly, opening the playoffs at home against Chicagosota is a lot more tantalizing than shipping out west to take on Vlad.I.Am. and that wretched mob. But we musn’t think like that, because it’s just not going to happen.


Game thread in the comments. Cold beer in hand. Pants on the floor.

Let’s rock.