In the absence of Red Sox baseball, instead of filling the void with cheap booze and Twinkies, I decided to catch a movie. Figuring Clooney, Pitt and Malkovich wouldn’t all jump on a bad script, I happily paid my nine bucks and went in. A half hour into Burn After Reading I was jonesing for the Twinkies and Pabst.

If you’ve seen the trailers where Brad Pitt is bopping around as a gayish personal trainer, you’ve seen the few moments of the movie that weren’t an entire waste of film. With Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand as the two love interests for Clooney, well, there wasn’t much for a guy to hope for in the love scenes. I knew I should have went with Lakeview Terrace.

Meanwhile, the Rays continue to stagger into the post-season. If the Sox sweep the doubleheader and the Rays lose again, the two teams end up in a tie for the division. And won’t that spark a lovely debate about which game cost them the AL East? My vote goes for any game Timlin came in with less than a five run lead or that Tek was allowed to hit with men on in the ninth.

Let’s get healthy for October.