See that advertisement the Jays have behind home plate? They’re not afraid to use it to tap into an opposing pitcher’s weakness. For instance, as illustrated in the photo above, with David Wells on the hill, a sign touting “hot fresh pizza” is conveniently left up for two entire innings. How can Boomer focus on striking out Blue Jays when he’s thinking of getting his feed on? Precisely!

The same strategy was employed at Yankee Stadium to throw Commander Kick-Ass off his game, this time employing an ad for vodka, which, on my count, remained up for at least three innings. Ads for pornography, guns or the latest Rob Schneider movie likely would have been just as effective.

The Jays tried it again with Paul Byrd last time the Sox were in Canada, employing what those in the business call “The Mr. Sub Initiative.” Thankfully, Byrd must have had a hearty lunch that afternoon, as he proved invulnerable in picking up the W.

Not quite sure what the insidious minds working behind the scenes at the Rogers will have up their sleeves tonight. But with Burnett on the hill and a slender margin separating us from the division lead, we’ll need to keep our eyes on the prize.

Big weekend ahead. Keep the beer cold.