Okay, not “terror” as in people rushing madly into the streets, arms flailing, eyes spun wide with fear and madness as if they’ve just been listening to Katy Perry’s CD. I’m talking the sort of terror that comes from seeing the only palpable threat in your line-up scratched from the game.

Tonight’s sans-Papi offense looks like this:

Coco Crisp
Dustin Pedroia
Kevin Youkilis
Mike Lowell
Jason Bay
J.D. Drew
Jed Lowrie
Jason Varitek
Jacoby Ellsbury

Not exactly Murderer’s Row, but I do draw inspiration from the fact that the last five batters all have names beginning with “J.” I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such bold alliteration on a Sox line-up card before. Can anyone prove otherwise?

Oh, and no word yet on why Ortiz is sitting. My guess is it’s a calculated effort on the part of Teets and crew to get Beckett’s dander up. Or it’s the end of the world as we know it.

Pray for hits. And we’ll see you at 8:11pm.