It’s Friday night, you’ve got three pounds of red meat on the grill and a case of Natty Lite on ice, and the game gets rained out. Sometimes life just ain’t fair. So you salvage what you can, throw 40-Year-Old Virgin in the DVD and wait for the results of the Rays’ game and the Yankees’ game.

The news is half-good. The Rays won again but the Yankees lost to KC on a Mariano Rivera wild pitch.

Here’s how upside down everything is for the New York Yankees: They lost a game because Mariano Rivera lost his control.

Rivera’s first wild pitch of the season — and second in six years — allowed the tiebreaking run to score in the ninth inning, and Jason Giambi flied out with the bases loaded to end the Kansas City Royals’ 4-3 victory over the fading Yankees on Friday night.

Today, we wait patiently for the 7:05 start, wondering why the make-up game is set for September instead of a double-header today. A quick run to the packie, then to Nate’s Beef Emporium, and you’re ready for the game.

See you there.