Remy, THE GAMMONS and DO, testing OSHA’s limits for the amount of unregulated awesome allowed in one booth.

Today, I had the fries. Yeah, I know. Like rye whiskey, swimming after a turkey dinner and pleasuring myself while dressed as a walrus, fries aren’t good for me. But the thing is, fries are rock and roll, man. And I am a slave to their gentle persuasions.

Why in the hell am I bringing this up? Because Peter Gammons is rock and roll, too. And his brief appearance in the NESN booth during last night’s slaparound of the Texas Rangers beamed enough good vibes into my soul to make me forget about a few concerns that had been clawing at my brain for much of the day. My personal highlight (and I’m paraphrasing here):

Remy: Peter, are you the only Hall of Fame member with his own band?

Gammons: You know, I think I might be.

Remy: I dunno. Did Yaz have one?

Not sure why, but this had me rolling. And I almost wished Gammons had strapped on his Les Paul and added musical accompaniment to the rest of the evening’s play-by-play. Especially if he busted with that old Bavarian classic, “Your Team Is Vastly Inferior To Ours. Also, You Eat Cock.”

Meanwhile, the Sox beat Texas for the second night in a row. Lester scored his eleventh win of the season, The Fenway Hillbilly had three doubles, Jason Bay drove in a couple runs, and Jed Lowrie continued to make the argument for the Julio Lugo Retirement Party with a couple runs knocked in.

The Good News: Since being inserted into Manny’s cleanup spot, Youk is 10-for-25 with two home runs, five doubles and eight RBIs, while his beard has achieved the size and density of Kansas City. The Bad News: Mike Timlin provided the only blemish on the evening, giving up a home run in one-third of an inning’s work. But since the man owns knives larger than my car, I’ll leave it at that.

Only two and a half games behind the Rays, babies (at least until the outcome of tonight’s A’s-Rays mash-up). Strap yerselves in.