Unless the guy has a syringe hanging out of his ass when he takes the mound at Fenway tonight, my guess is Paul Byrd will get a “Friendly Fenway” welcome. With Clay Buchholz making a great case to become the next Bud Smith, and Timmy on the DL, Byrd is the guy. If the bats continue their assault the way they’ve feasted on Ranger pitching for the past few games, I could probably put in five innings and get a win.

Runs might not come so easy against Roy Halladay, Doc has been a horse this summer. He’s already tossed seven complete games and logged 182 innings, while keeping a tight 2.72 ERA and a 13-9 record on a mediocre Blue Jay team.

Meanwhile the Elf leads all AL batters with his .323 average.

Oh, and Manny got a haircut, kinda.