Or their sons. Seems like big trouble in little Bronx, as the Yankees chances for the post-season, and that elusive 27th ring, fade like a cheap pair of jeans.

Two nights ago, after Mariano blew his first save of the year and gave up a three-run lead, the Yanks came back and won in unlikely fashion: an A-Rod clutch homer. Yesterday they couldn’t gather any momentum from the win, and fell to the Twins 4-2. While the Sox and Rays continue to win, the pinstripes have fallen nine games out of the AL East lead, six behind the Sox, and just two games out of fourth place.

The slide is taking its toll on morale. One of the “we-can’t-trade-this-guy-for-Santana” pitchers, Ian Kennedy, was sent packing for AAA after another shellacking and his comments after the game. Kennedy is 0-4 with an 8.17 ERA.

Even the blustery Hank seems to realize the season is over. In what sounded a lot like the old Red Sox cry of “wait until next year” Hankie played the injury card:

“I’m not writing off this season. They’re trying hard to win. There’s only so much you can do. They’re not supermen,” Steinbrenner said. “No team I’ve ever seen in baseball has been decimated like this. It would kill any team.

“Imagine the Red Sox without (Josh) Beckett and (Jon) Lester. Pitching is 70 percent of the game. Wang won 19 games two straight years. Chamberlain became the most dominating pitcher in baseball. You can’t lose two guys like that.”

I guess Hank forgot we lost a guy named Curt Schilling for the entire season? Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the Yankees make any post-deadline moves and try to put a run together, or if they fold up their tents and look toward the new ballpark and a new season in 2009. Whatever the case, it will be a fun series in the Bronx later this month.

Tonight, we look to the power of the Dice.