After making the relay to cut down the only runner slower than Sean Casey trying to score, a run that would have put the Jays up by two, young Jed finished matters with the bat, nailing a solo shot to put the Sox up in the 11th. MDC came in to close it out, capping the rare box score where Paps gets the “W” and Delcarmen the save. But we have to keep an eye on Lowrie, check out a fun fact from the Stanford web site:

Favorite Pro Sports Athletes: Brett Boone and Alex Rodriguez

In other news…

Red Sox pitching has the same effect on Vernon Wells as spinach does on Popeye. Vern finished the series 6-for-13 with three dingers, six RBI and six runs scored.

Jim Rice’s shirt-and-tie combo on the post-game show looked like an explosion in an Easter Egg factory.

Giambi still sucks.