Imagine walking into the ballpark to see your crappy team, and suddenly you’re fifty grand richer and have season tickets? That’s exactly what happened to Mr. Gracie on Tuesday night. ESPN reports:

Kevin Gracie, a 24-year-old student at the University of Baltimore School of Law, was the lucky entrant. He won $50,000, season tickets for five years and was introduced to the crowd before the Orioles played the Boston Red Sox.

“The $50,000 is great, and getting the two season tickets is amazing,” said Gracie, of Ellicott City. “My buddy bought my ticket. I was going to switch tickets with him in line.”

Hard to believe Yankee Stadium doesn’t hold the record, unless there is a minimum IQ level required to be counted. Anyway, I’d love to see how many of the fifty million fans are actually Oriole fans. They probably have a few years left before the fifty millionth one of those walks through the gates.

The excruciating off-day-after-a-brutal-loss marches on slowly.