The big man has spoken. And, according to today’s Herald, his marching orders for his teammates are as follows: “Win games, win games, win games.”

So here’s the million dollar question: Can they? Is Red Sox version 2008 a team equipped to bring us our third World Series title in five seasons — and, sweet Jesus, did you think you’d ever find yourself even contemplating such a feat in your lifetime? — or is this 2005 redux; a team that will likely make the playoffs, but sputter out in the first round.

I counted them out at least 17 times during the 2004 postseason. So I know absolutely nothing. But what do you think? Can they go all the way? Is Tek set to bust out like Andy Dufresne? Is Masterson the reliable late inning bridge we so desperately need? Can Ellsbury reclaim a bit of the magic he conjured last October? More importantly, could the world survive a Red Sox-Cubs World Series?

After The Steal, truly anything is possible. What say you?