The first rule of Fight Club is that we do not talk about Fight Club. And in this case, “Fight Club” loosely translates to “last night’s game.” Pegged to a four run lead, Buchholz couldn’t make it stand, lasting only two and one-third innings, losing his seventh straight decision, then being directed out of the clubhouse and onto the bus bound for Double-A Portland.

If there’s any silver lining to be gleaned from this, it was Heidi Watney’s pre-game interview with Kevin Millar, who officially receives more screen time on NESN than any other active non-Sox player. Not that Tina C was chopped hamsteaks, but I’m guessing El Bencho and Ms. Watney could have torn it up had she been here during his tenure.

Just look at the chemistry on display here and tell me these two wouldn’t have been post-game fixtures at Daisy Buchanans, shooting Jaeger and organizing late-night tattoo runs to Providence.