I went to the rock show last night, even though my mind told me, “Red, please don’t go to the rock show, where you’ll be shuffling around with a pack of folks your age or older, trying desperately to recapture that long-gone feeling of youthful excitement.” But I got in line, found a decent spot by the stage, and proceeded to do that “white guy concert shuffle” thing where I just sorta move back and forth and fight to keep my hands from playing air bass.

The band was Squeeze, and the music was fantastic — a stark reminder that this may be, in fact, the most criminally underrated band of the last thirty years. The venue was Showcase Live, which stands in the shadows of Gillette Stadium at Patriot Place. Good sound, expensive beer, and an altogether not unenjoyable concert-going experience.

As a bonus, I got out of the show to learn that the Sox had beaten the Yankees! “Another Nail for My Heart,” indeed. Yet, I still can’t count them out. Not until Stephen Hawking shows me, via slide rule and PowerPoint presentation, that a Yankee October is complete unfeasible.

Can you?