Sorry, Bob, I have to disagree. Seeing a no-hitter would be cool in person, but not against your home team on their own field. Especially not in late July in the midst of a three-team race for the division. The no-hitter is rare, but it’s not like getting a glimpse of Bigfoot. The average is about two per season in the majors. Go to a few more games next year, you’ll see one.

Now if you want to root for one tonight, it damn well better be number 19 for the good guys you’re rooting for.

Beckett pitched well in his last start but was outdueled by the headhunter. He’ll need to be on his game tonight against the Teixeira-infused Angel line-up. But it’s really our own offense we need to worry about. Two nights ago they got the baserunners but couldn’t plate them. Last night, well, you know.

It’s almost August, the days are getting shorter, the corn’s getting high in the fields, and the so-called marathon is quickly becoming a sprint. Time to get some W’s, a few in a row would help the cause. Maybe starting tonight. Just a thought.

4:00PM tomorrow is the trading deadline and I hope Manny is still a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation at 4:01.

Oh, and the Professor is a Yankee no more.