Looking at the end result, it’s hard to believe that for the first six and a half innings, yesterday’s series finale between the Sox and Twinkies was an actual game. It didn’t become a farce until the bottom of the seventh when the Twins had a triple play overruled and everything went to shyte for them rather quickly.

When the dust settled, the Sox had 23 hits–including four from Ellsbury and three from Manny, Youk and Casey–and basically tested the resolve of the Fenway Faithful by forcing them to endure four hours in the merciless, swamp-like heat.

My favorite quote on the day came from Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire:

“This is a tough place to play. Their hitters come alive here. We’ve seen that over the years, and today was a great example of it. Balls start flying around — balls in the corner, balls all over the place, the whole package. This team gets on a roll here and they’re hard to stop.”

If someone at Red Sox Co. isn’t trademarking “Fenway Park: Balls All Over the Place” at this very minute, then I’ve lost all my faith in big league marketing.