A-Rod and Madonna? That’s been the rumor du jour. From FoxSports:

The magazine (Us) reported that A-Rod — who makes $28 million a year — has made numerous late-night visits to Madonna’s Central Park West apartment and attended her April 30 concert in NYC. A source told the magazine that “all the doormen are talking” about the alleged affair.

Wow, all the doormen are talking! Too bad the series this weekend wasn’t at home, we’d have Fenway filled with people wearing Madonna masks and lace gloves and metal bras. And think of the fun the guy who picks the music to play over the PA would have. Who can forget this scene? A-Rod and his female friends continue to supply Red Sox Nation with entertainment. Just like he provides Yankee fans with garbage-time homeruns. But at least it might take some of the spotlight off of Manny.

Oh, Tito? We want you to pinch hit for Varitek, not with Varitek.

Come on boys, bring your wood baseball bats to the Trop tonight, not whatever it is you’ve been using the last couple of nights.