I suppose if we have to drop a game to the Most Expensive Team That Hasn’t Won a World Series This Century, it’s better to drop a taut, one-run thriller than a 2004 ALCS Game Three-esque ass-thumping. I thought we might get a nice uplifting donnybrook late in the game when Joba knocked The American Hillbilly on his ass, but the guys were perhaps too tired for even that. But, really, there’s not much you can say about that one other than Joba pitched his ass off, our offense looked about as robust and threatening as a pack of Michael Stipe clones, and we hope we’ll get ’em today. Just pray God that we get Titanium Timmy, and not Shakey Wakey. Otherwise, we might be breaking out the Jaeger funnels right ’round dinner time.

Far more interesting is the increasingly bizarre Manny Situation. With the trade deadline on the horizon, might Theo be working some backroom magic to send Manny packing? I say not bloody likely. But I’m always wrong. Except for that time I told my buddies not to trust that woman with the goatee.