New promo spots for Sox Appeal are up at I’ve only seen the one with Wally on TV, but of all three, I must say that I like the Papelbon one best. That said, I think the creative powers missed a great opportunity here. Is it just me, or would that spot be just a little bit cooler if, after ushering off the fumbling, would-be suitor, Paps himself turned to the girl and, arching an eyebrow, gave her a little, “How ya’ll doin’?” or something like that. It just seems to be aching for a “this is a job for Jonathan Papelbon moment,” you know? A final scene that drives home the point that “I am Jonathan Papelbon, satisfier of women, smasher of worlds, sultan of awesome, and lord of all I survey, and while you are incapable of satisfying this woman, I, myself, am all too capable.” But it never happened. Instead, Paps just kinda waves him off, and that’s that. Creative forces behind this ad: You’ve got one of the most colorful characters to ever don a Sox uni at your disposal. Give the guy something cool to do!