It seems like any series played away from Fenway in 2008 is an experiment in torture. The first two games against the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels has been no different. Friday we had the tease and smackdown where the Angels jumped up early, only to let the Sox creep back into it before lowering the hammer. Yesterday, it was worse. We had our ace on the mound mowing down Angels’ hitters like a drunk through a bottle of Boone’s Farm. Then came the dreaded ONE BAD INNING and suddenly we were looking at a two-run deficit.

Hey, no problem, we’ll just load the bases in the eighth. And with two outs and Lowrie’s turn in the batting order, we’ll pinch hit The Mayor and steal this thing back. Tito had other ideas. What they were, I’m still not sure. If it was possible to strike out on two pitches, Lowrie would have. It was possibly the worst at-bat I’ve ever seen. Threat over, and with K-Rod looming in the ninth, game over.

Tonight, (and by the way my personal favorite – the Sunday 6:00PM game) we look to the elder statesman to stop the bleeding. T-Wake, do your thing.

Until then, I’ll be torturing my Erick Aybar voodoo doll in ways I can’t even mention.

Strange days indeed.