Our pal Derjue covered the Beckett Bowl for Boston Magazine’s blog, reminding us that Josh’s sheer awesomeness is so outrageous, even his belt could probably kick our asses:

As Josh Beckett walked the red carpet of last night’s Second Annual Beckett Bowl, we noticed he was wearing a gigantic belt buckle that, at first glance, looked to be the Red Sox B, paired with jeans and a button-down shirt. But when we spied the same logo on a bracelet his girlfriend was wearing, we saw it was a little different.

“It’s his brand,” Whitney Hayes said over the wails of frenzied fans begging for autographs.

As city-dwelling northerners, we immediately thought she meant it in the sneakers and politics sense of the word. But she meant it in the traditional cattle-singeing sense of branding. (It also appears on the gates of Beckett’s Herradura Ranch.)

In other news, Sox drop one to the O’s, but on a night when the Rays and Yanks both lose, we can deal.

Enjoy your Saturday. Get drunk. Check the ladies. And we’ll see you at 7:05 for the Wakefield Variety Hour.

Also: the greatest summer song of all time.