…it helps wash away the taste of stagnant weenie water:

Fenway Park’s food stands flunked city health inspections on more than a dozen health and safety measurements on Red Sox opening day April 8, from storing food at unsafe temperatures to failing to clean food preparation counters.

Red Sox officials said the team was not informed of the violations by its food vendor, Aramark, when they occurred and did not learn of the numerous health and safety issues until it was informed by the Globe yesterday.

In the initial visit, on April 1, inspectors found sausages thawing in stagnant water, employees handling raw burgers without changing their gloves, and rodent droppings underneath service counters, city records show.

“Those are serious violations,” said Kathleen MacVarish, a Boston University clinical assistant professor of environmental health who worked for two decades in state and local public health departments as an inspector.

We’re not sure if the inspectors also noted that Mike Timlin was often seen “pantsless, over by the fries.” But would it surprise you?