Here at SG, we like to think of ourselves as model citizens. We hold doors open for the ladies, give regularly to such worthy causes as the Jimmy Fund, and always drive our hookers home after a right good rodgering.

Clearly, Damon Woo, the dude what caught Manny’s 500th home run ball, is cut from the same cloth. Upon snagging the prize, he handed it over to Manny, taking away a few signed bats and balls and, we can assume, a year of free haircuts from El Monstro.

“It’s his accomplishment, it’s his achievement, it’s his ball,” said Damon Woo, who was allowed to hold on to the ball for the night before handing it over to Ramirez today. “That’s the right thing to do.”

“They can call me crazy,” Damon said, “but I’ve done a lot crazier things in my lifetime.”

All this peace and goodwill got us thinking: As nice a couple fellows as we are (and I remind you that most of Denton’s transgressions occured before his 18th birthday, making those files well-closed by now), would we have done the same thing? I mean, the fine print on my ticket does clearly say that I’m free to keep anything I catch in the stands (balls, bats, Tina Cervasio, etc.) Would we have surrendered the ball without so much as a request that Manny help get the student loan people off our asses?

It’d be tempting. But I’d probably pull a Woo and just give him the ball.