They both have an Uncle Rico. But where Napoleon’s Unc trafficked in tupperware sets and “breast augmentation,” Manny’s is peddling something far more valuable–a hamstring-repairing elixir!

“It’s called ‘Himalaya,’ ” Jose “Uncle Rico” Rivera said while watching yesterday’s 6-4 Sox win in 10 innings at Great American Ball Park. “He’s going to be OK now he has that.”

As Rivera, the first cousin of Ramirez’ mother, explains it, the remedy is an all-natural oil from India. After Ramirez pointed out the problematic spot, Uncle Rico went to work.

“Manny told me about it and when I saw it I brought him some of the medication,” Rivera said. “I told him to not think about it too much in his mind. You don’t want that. I keep telling him to not let the body work alone. Don’t worry too much because if you have the right frame of mind you can do anything. I told him to let me know when he feels a pain right away and we’ll take care of it. Ninety-nine percent of these people only use 5-10 percent of their minds. You can do anything if you use your mind the right way.”

So as I see it, Manny will either be back in the line-up for tonight’s game, or sprout an extra set of knees. Either way, bring on the Phillies!