You’ve all heard the term “Pink Hats” by now. If you haven’t, go crawl back under the rock you’ve been calling home for the past few years, you won’t get this post anyway. Just about every blog has voiced their opinion on the “Pink Hats” and God knows you can’t turn on WEEI without hearing some trying-to-be-cool ex-fringe-athlete or Boston Herald media-whore toss the term around. When there isn’t 20 straight minutes of commercials, that is. Yesterday, the Boston Globe threw their hat in the ring, so to speak. And it was pink.

Having nothing better to do on a post-off-day, and not being able to really get lathered up for a series against the Astros, I figured it’s about time I piss a few folks off with my two cents. I like the pink hats, and I like the new generation of fans that sport them. There it is, it’s out there, I can’t take it back. I don’t mean I’d wear one myself, of course, although I have seen a few guys rocking the PH, I mean for girls. Preferably hot chicks.

I have lots of reasons for my opinion which I’ll get to in a minute. But that’s all it is, an opinion. I hate to tell all the haters out there: there is no right or wrong answer, only opinions. I know the term is becoming slang for “stupid bandwagoners” but I’m not too keen on any terms that generalize large groups of people. Anyway. on to my flawed and booze-influenced reasons…

1) Chicks in baseball caps are hot: Granted, I don’t realize most girls have heads, but if my glance should happen to stray that far north, a Red Sox cap usually adds a couple points to her score. Doesn’t matter if it’s pink, red, blue, white or camo. And if they don’t know everything there is to know about the Green Monster, I’d be happy to learn ’em.

2) My favorite Red Sox cap that I own is green: So…what does that make me? Less of a fan than someone who bought a red or blue one? F@#k that noise, anyone that’s been to this site knows what kind of fan I am. And my Red Sox “B” tattoo is red.

3) The Red Sox are a marketing machine: Much like Jerry Remy, the Red Sox will put a price tag on anything they think they can move off the shelves. Pink hats happen to move quite well. Where would ticket prices be if they weren’t making so much dough on merchandise?

4) Who gives a sh!t anyway: Seriously, if I wasn’t so tired of hearing the expression and so bored at work on a Friday, I wouldn’t be writing about this. How did it become such a story. Fans are fans, who cares if they jumped on the bandwagon late in the game? Do we have to test people’s knowledge of Red Sox stats and history before they can call themselves fans? Have we become such snobs that we have a dress code to get into our “Nation?” Not this guy. You like the Sox, I don’t care what color you or your hat is, I’ll buy you a beer and talk baseball all day. The poseurs and bandwagoners will be gone the first year the Sox don’t make the playoffs. The the rest are just diehards-in-training who haven’t had to suffer like us. Their time will come.

Well, that killed the rest of the afternoon. Now I can head home start “preparing” for the big rivalry series with Houston. Hey, we almost played these guys in the 1986 World Series!

Let’s roll, Dice-K.